IMAYAM – Erode, IMA Home for Terminally Ill Cancer Patients

You are well aware that cancer is one of the common causes of premature death in the elderly and in the middle aged persons. Children and young adults are also not immune and are affected by various types of incurable malignancies including leukemia’s.

Many of us diagnose cancer and treat the afflicted patients. In the early stages when the cancer is just diagnosed the patients are reasonably healthy. But as the disease progresses due to various reasons they become severely anaemic & cachectic. Many of them soon become bedridden and their meager resources are depleted. They become penniless and are considered to be a burden to their relatives, who become frustrated due to the prolonged course of the illness and other responsibilities. Under such circumstances the relatives ask for euthanasia too.

We have several methods / modalities for treating malignancies but still many times helplessly we have to watch the patients dying due to various complications. Hence, we feel it is our duty to provide due comfort and care to such unfortunate cancer victims. Keeping the above-mentioned facts in mind we have mooted an idea to provide some relief and comfort to the terminally ill cancer patients at Erode through Our Erode IMA.

We have constituted a trust consisting of members who have contributed Rs.10, 000/- towards Executive Membership and Rs.1 Lakh for each Bed of IMAYAM. Members will be allotted 7 to 10 days in a year to visit the home and also take care of inmates both treatment and other aspects.

Construction of IMAYAM was started in NH 47 Road near Chitode, Erode in the land donated by Our Member Dr. K. Duraisamy. The building is designed like a Lotus Flower & each petal is a room which accommodates two patients easily. There is a Central Hall where motivational programmes and entertainments are held for the patient’s every day


On 18-02-2006 The President of India Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam came to IMAYAM and inaugurated it. It was the very proud moment for IMA. He talked to some of the terminally ill cancer patients and motivated them to fight the disease with full vigour. He also planted samplings in IMAYAM complex. IMAYAM is functioning since then with the strength of 15-16 inmates everyday and the patient who come depressed and fearful become cheerful and develop the will to live longer.


Since the beginning about 900 terminally ill cancer patients admitted & managed in IMAYAM. Majority of them were Head & Neck cancers cervix patients. They came not only from Erode district but also from adjacent Districts & States.


Many IMA National & State Leaders have visited IMAYAM. Many colleagues from other IMA’s also visited & contributed to IMAYAM. All the visitors feel that IMAYAM is nothing but a Temple of Service. This is the first of its kind in this country may be in the entire world where doctors have done this great job for the sake of patients.

 Services of IMAYAM

Promoting Health, Enhancing Life

People who come to this home are in the terminal stage of cancer. They know their fate, and no fact is withheld from them. Once the patients are admitted doctors team study the patient and try to alleviate the symptoms.


Quick & Complete Pain Control: Pain is the major fear in every patient’s mind. Just holding the patient’s hand is not enough. Pain control will accompany love and care.

Cheerful Setting: IMAYAM home will be a cheerful place. The gloom and the smells associated with a regular hospital will be absent. There will be a recreation hall with a TV entertaining them. All inmates are given a FM Radio. We show movies in big screen every Sunday.

Good Food, With Love: Nutrition is another aspect that the cancer will take care of. The patients are not allowed to just wither away. Their diet is analysed daily and they get all the necessary supplements.

Using Family Connection: A relative will stay with the patient. During the first few days, the patient’s problems are identified. The relative observes while our staff tackles the problems one by one. In the next stage, the relative attends to the patient under staff supervision. This transfer of knowledge and skills makes it possible to send the patient home. Adopting a holistic approach, it seeks neither to hasten nor postpone death. It affirms life and teaches the patients to deal with the inevitable and the relatives are trained to handle the patients and the family.


Types of Malignancies seen in IMAYAM Inmates





Head & Neck



GIT (Esophagus &Stomach



Ca Breast



Ca Cervix



Lymphomas & Lenkeumias



Ca Liver



Ca Pancreas



Ca Lung



Ca Penis



Malignant Melanoma


Places from where cancer patients arrived


Total 900


Erode & Erode District



Namakkal District



Salem District



Karur District



Other Districts



From Karnataka & Kerala



     Dr. K.M. Abul Hasan             Dr. S. Sukumar                     Dr. S.Dr. C.N. Raja

             Secretary, IMAYAM                   Treasurer, IMAYAM             President, IMAYAM

           98430 25300                             94430 – 66111                     98427 – 27277